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I am an architect and PhD researcher at Kingston School of Art London funded by Techne (AHRC). My research and practice focus on urban transformations through participatory action, curatorial projects and inclusive & ecological approaches to urban and landscape design, and planning. My doctoral project: Curating Urban Futures explores the challenges and opportunities of “meanwhile” tactics and urban farming in the context of urban redevelopment strategies. 

I obtained my postgraduate master’s degree from the Housing and Urbanism programme at the Architectural Association in 2018 and have worked in Rome and London after my first degree in building engineering and architecture at Rome’s University of Tor Vergata. 

In London, I worked at S333 Architecture and Urbanism and as a site-based architect and design coordinator for the conversion of the Trocadero building and Saint Gilles car park basement into Pod Hotels. Alongside my PhD, I am teaching a course on communication and experimentation in Landscape Design at Greenwich University. I am the co-founder of W.O.W. a research and design collective working with installations, publications and participating in competitions.

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